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Assisting Seniors with comprehensive resources and services

With the many challenges that come with aging and the continuous change in the demographics of seniors, creating a broad-based community organization that provides vital life enhancing information is paramount.

At Senior Information Network, Inc., we are a nonprofit group that strives to assist the senior community by providing vital information to help seniors remain independent and healthy in their own homes.

More Americans are living much longer than ever before, and as the Baby Boomers retire, the need for Senior Information Network, Inc. will be greater than ever.

Our Mission

Senior Information Network, Inc. based in Atlanta, GA was established in 2003. Our goal is to provide vital information about the resources and services that are available for seniors, family members, and caregivers. Our purpose is to provide information that will enhance the quality of living for seniors throughout Georgia.

We deliver these services at absolutely no cost. Senior Information Network, Inc. exist exclusively from tax-deductible financial donations and in-kind support from partnerships, corporations, small businesses, and individuals who want to ensure that seniors from all walks of life have caring and comprehensive access to information.


  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

  • Georgia Cares Program

Services and Activities for Active Adults

  • Caregiver Support Groups

  • Senior Centers

  • Senior Employment

Senior Services/Resources

  • Transportation

  • Housing Options/Locater

  • Information & Referral Services

For professional and confidential information, please contact us at info@info4seniors.net.

What We Do…

Senior Information Network, Inc. (SINI) is a partner with United Way 211 and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

Our charitable organization will effectively benefit and meet the needs of seniors. We provide dependable services and create programs designed to:

  • Advocate for seniors and their families

  • Facilitate caregiver support groups

  • Deliver comprehensive and relevant information as well as appropriate referrals

  • Provide information and referral to services that enable seniors to remain independent in their own homes

  • Publish quarterly senior newsletter notifications

Our Services Include:

  • Advocate for seniors and their families.

  • Provide information and referrals to appropriate agencies and community services.

  • Caregiver Support Groups.

Programs, Referrals, and Services

  • Senior Housing Locater

  • Transportation Services

  • Caregiver Support Groups

  • Volunteer Opportunities

Senior Information Network, Inc. (SINI) Financial Assistance

There are several different energy bill assistance programs and non-profits that offer grants for paying a portion of utility bills and there are solutions, such as payment plans, that are offered directly by utility companies.

Call our information specialists today at
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Senior Information Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization serving metropolitan Atlanta for “20 years” and we’ve accomplished a great deal! But so much more must be done. Your contribution is critical to our success and will enable Senior Information Network, Inc. to continue providing quality services that enhance the quality of life for Georgia’s seniors.

Your support and donations will help underwrite our critically-needed programs and services. Please help us make a expand our reach by providing:

  • Individual Donations

  • Business Donations

  • Corporate Donations

  • Vehicle Donations

  • Planned Gifting

  • In-Kind Donations

  • Volunteering

  • Gifts of Stock

Sign Up as a Volunteer

Many seniors today cannot leave their home without considerable effort due to mobility issues, illness or injury.
Help us to enrich the quality of life for seniors throughout metropolitan Atlanta by becoming a volunteer.
If you would like to help seniors remain independent in their own home, please sign up today!

Lawn Care
Telephone Outreach

Please contact our helpline today at (770) 934-8320.


All donations are tax deductible. Any individual or organization making a financial contribution, gift, or in-kind gifts will receive a complimentary copy of the Senior Information Network, Inc. quarterly newsletter. A receipt along with our tax-exempt identification number will be mailed upon receipt of all gifts.

You may also make a donation by mailing a check to the address below:

Senior Information Network, Inc.
P.O. Box 450981
Atlanta Georgia 31145-0981

Forever Grateful Client

Dear Senior Information Network, Inc.
Your generous gift helped me to avoid a life-threatening situation. I was faced with the turn-off of m utility service. This action would have resulted in a dangerous situation given my health concerns. I frantically reached out and Senior Information Network, Inc. and they answered my call. THANK YOU!
After working as a senior workforce training instructor in a non-profit for over 10 years. I was forced out. I came to the Atlanta area after being promised employment. I have about 6 months’ earnings saved as I expected to go to work immediately. The promise of employment fell thru and family in the area was not in a position to offer assistance. I was left without employment and rapidly diminishing resources. I needed help and I needed it fast. You came to my assistance and I am forever in your debt. I cannot say thank you enough.

You can count on me to witness for your services!

Senior Information Network, Inc.
Every word in this testimony is true.
For ten years, I had been teaching bright and mature students about aging in American culture and the challenge families face when they must care for an elder with needs. Challenge was a small c in the textbooks, but a capital C in real life. How fortunate for me that you spoke at Spelman College on caregiving services for elders (how-to, where-to, and when-to) at a time when I was searching for a “home” away from home for my aunt. Thanks to your professionalism, your patience and your expertise, my aunt now is preparing to celebrate her ninety-second birthday in a place that feels almost like home. She remembers my many phone conversations with Senior Information Network, Inc., which is why she often tells me before I leave, “Thank the woman named Carol.” For her, and for all members of my family, I want to thank you for directing me to my aunt’s new home.

Male – Tuskegee Airman

I would like to thank Senior Information Network, Inc. for the computer, monitor and speakers that were given to me. I am a homebound senior who has issues walking and not able to drive. The computer has allowed me to communicate with the outside world.

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