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Art for Wellness and Seniors (AWS) was born from a passion for art and a desire to make a positive impact. Inspired by a 10th-grade art teacher’s project, Trisha S. Nandakumar, currently a senior in high school, initiated this program in May 2022 to harness art’s therapeutic potential for seniors. At AWS, our mission is to facilitate mental well-being and foster creativity among seniors through the medium of art, specifically painting. We recognized that seniors hold stories, experiences, and wisdom that deserve to be celebrated, and art is the perfect platform to achieve this. Through weekly art classes at 3 senior centers, we provide a space for seniors to express themselves, explore their creativity, and learn in the process.

Our Work with Senior Information Network, Inc

We are proud to have partnered with the non-profit Senior Incorporation Network Inc (SINI), where Trisha serves as the fundraising and website manager, as well as a board member. Together with SINI, we are hosting an upcoming art exhibit in September, showcasing the growth of our seniors’ artistic skills. This event will not only celebrate their accomplishments but will also raise funds to support economically insecure elderly individuals. By combining art and advocacy, AWS and SINI are committed to addressing the needs of seniors, fostering creativity, and building a stronger community for older individuals.


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Carol Rowe-Jones is the Founder of Senior Information Network, Inc. (SINI) a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that provide seniors, family members and caregivers with information relative to the resources and services available that enhance the quality of life for older adults. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Gerontology from Spelman College and a Certificate in Gerontology from Georgia State University. Carol has received SE4A University Care Manager Accreditation from Boston University’s Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research. Developed recommendations tailored to each situation, including assistive technology, transportation, home-delivered meals, homemaker services, respite care, TCARE®, and Community Living Program (CLP). She has over 20 years working with older adults in state government agencies, local county government and non-profit organizations.

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